Starter Activity - A place I have been!

Information / Instructions
You can DUPLICATE this mapping activity and try it!

  • Click the green Duplicate button in the Map tab. (You may be asked to login if you are not already)
  • Rename your map title, and make it your own!
  • You can come back and edit title and description using the "Edit" link at the bottom of the description window.

STARTER at Home Activity:
Mark and describe a place you have visited!
This activity idea will help you get used to the features in Cartograf. Watch as your friends find places too!

Find that place!
First zoom into the area, city or village that you visited.
  • Use the search field to search it, or
  • Zoom into it manually using double-clicks or the zoom tools at left
  • Zoom closer, until you see the streets at the exact location you visited.

Two ways to add a “Point of Interest” Marker

1) Check for “Street View” Panorama images. Select the Panorama tool up top. IF the street where you visited is now blue:
  • Click on a point on it to bring up the panorama viewer.
  • Adjust the panorama image to best show the place you visited.
  • Click “Add marker” to create a marker with the street view image.
  • Give it a name, and in the description area write a few sentences explaining what you did there!

2) IF the street is not blue, there are no Street View images available there. So use the normal “Point of Interest” pin tool.
  • Click on the exact location and it adds a marker there!
  • Name the marker and choose an appropriate icon for it.
  • In the description write a few sentences explaining what you did there!
  • Temporarily close the marker!
  • In another browser window go to http://search.creativecommons.org to try to find an image of this place on either Pixabay or Flickr. Download that picture to your computer.a
  • Return to your map, open your marker, and in the Attachment tab upload an image!

Share it!
As a class, come up with an original and un-repeatable “share code” for this starter activity. (For example, include the teacher's initials and the date in the code!)
  • Open the Share tab at right.
  • Insert the exact share code for your class activity in the space in the Share tab. Then click Modify.
  • If you and your classmates have done this step correctly, you should be able to see all their places too!!

How to place a point
For instructions check our Help page, where videos like this one are available: