Scénario d’apprentissage

What characterises California's agricultural territory?

Intellectual operations covered
  • Characterise a territory
  • Connections between facts
1-Read and observe the documents on the map of California.
-To better visualize the territory, change the style of the map to "Google Satellite" (bottom left).
2-Gather information about the aspects below. You can write them down in the table HERE. Indicate in brackets the number of the document(s) from which your information was taken.
  • The main agricultural areas of California
  • Natural factors that influence agricultural land
  • Infrastructure implemented to increase soil fertility
  • The main agricultural products
  • The labour force involved in agriculture
3-Add a landmark in the Central Valley to the map of California. Your marker should include a panoramic image and information on three of the above aspects (agricultural areas, natural factors, etc.)
By giving a common sharing code, your teacher will be able to see all the landmarks on the same map.

California's agricultural territory
Located on the southern west coast of the United States, California is the country's most populous state, with 39 million inhabitants. The "Golden State", as the state is known, is bordered by Mexico to the south, the Pacific Ocean to the west, and Arizona and Nevada to the east. In 2012, thanks to its 80,500 farms, California generated $44.7 billion in agricultural revenue. It is therefore the leading agricultural producer in the United States.

Access the map

- Make sure you are logged in to Cartograf
- Access the instructions directly on the map by clicking on DescriptionFR
- Access the map California's agricultural territory
- Then click on the DUPLICATE BUTTON DupliquerFR to make a copy.

Hook activity: Exports from California__

California is the leading agricultural producer in the United States and also the country's leading exporter, with exports worth $18.18 billion in 2012. In fact, California is the only exporter of several agricultural products in the United States, including almonds, olives, grapes, kiwis and pistachios.

Question :

Can you name any products you consume regularly that come from California?
California Export Markets 2012 EN

Map data source: California Department of Food and Agriculture, California Agricultural Statistics Review, 2013-2014, p. 7, online. Map production: Service national du RÉCIT, domaine de l'univers social. License: Creative Commons (BY-NC-SA).