What is Cartograf?

WELCOME to Cartograf !

Cartograf is an open-source, interactive and collaborative mapping and drawing application, built for students and teachers in Quebec. Anyone can create and share maps, collect and analyze images, and work collaboratively on class projects! Cartograf is not meant for corporate use. See our Tech pages to install your own?.

UPDATE ON BUG for some users: Previous problems with certain web browsers that were not showing the top-menu login box and were preventing maps to load have been traced to a cookie problem. If you delete all Cartograf cookies or reset your browsing data it solves the problem. Switching to a different browser also solves this problem.

Visit the Help/Aide page! page for instructions and video tutorials on Creating Maps, Navigation tips, Drawing Tools, adding images and other documents to locations and shape areas, etc. Here you can also discover exactly how to share a map, and use Cartograf as a collaborative mapping tool, where students can work together on projects using a simple share-code only members know.

Image, Icons and other Credits
Please visit the bottom of our Contact page for information and specific licenses regarding some of the icons and graphics we have used. Find us some new icons! If you have an icon you like on https://mapicons.mapsmarker.com, let us know!

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