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Projet en FLS base, 5e secondaire : l’agence de voyage avec Cartograf!

ELA Connection: Write an informational text: A Travel Pamphlet.

English Instructions:
Projet: l’agence de voyage instructions en français
In teams of two, students must design a one-week trip to a country of their choice. They must plan their week by creating a program for each day, with at least one place to visit or one activity to do per day.

In an introduction page, they must describe each location or activity, present practical information (opening hours, price, address, website, etc.), write a short history and provide images or videos. Subsequently, they must gather general information about the country (its geographical location, population, religion, language and highlights of its history). Then, they must write an text that promotes their trip.

Finally, they will map their 7-day itinerary with the interactive Cartograf application.

Note : For this activity, students create their own maps. (i.e. there is no sample map available). When they are ready, they could share their maps with the whole class using a common share code. (See Help page for more information on share codes)

Submitted by J. Paré, SWLSB