Learning Scenario

How did Indigenous people occupy the land?

Iroquois Nations Sample Map
Competency 1: Characterize a period in the history of Quebec and Canada

Intellectual operations targeted
  • Situate in time and space
  • Connecting the Facts


Student Workbook/Table/Documents:
Refer to the student workbook and document collection here.

1. Make a map using historical documents to answer the question How did Indigenous peoples occupy the land before the arrival of Europeans?
Give a temporary title to the map.

  • Locate the approximate boundaries of the Iroquoian territory.
  • Locates the approximate boundaries of the Algonquin territory.
  • Give more specifics regarding the way of life of each of the Indigenous societies, by locating 3 Iroquoian speaking, and 2 Algonquian speaking nations. Use an appropriate symbol and add that symbol to your legend.
  • Illustrate trade between Indigenous peoples (without indicating all trade routes). Use lines on the map. Add points for key places if necessary.
  • Indicate somehow (points or lines) the main communication routes used by these Indigenous peoples: St. Lawrence River; Great Lakes; Ottawa River; etc.

2. Give a title to the map.
After you have worked on your map, consider retitling the map to reflect what it now represents!

3. Complete the table (in document you can copy and use here and answer the questions in the table, in order to describe the occupation of Indigenous land before the arrival of Europeans.