Learning Scenario

Investigate the Canadian War Effort:

Describe Facts and Situate a Battle, and Explain the Consequences of that battle, both immediate and long-term!
WW1 War Effort
In partner-groups research various battles in which Canadian soldiers were involved.
Try a Google Search for "battles in which Canadian soldiers were involved" or view available documents here.

With your findings on a particular battle event during the war, map out the locations, events and players of that/those particular battle(s).

For each battle also explain the Canadian involvement and role, and the significance of their efforts.

Note: This task is explained in greater detail in our main document collection here.

WW1 Map 2
Teachers note: A demonstration Cartograf map has already been started for teacher use and for information in the related scenario *World War 1 - Alliances and Key Events, which you can look at for how to place points and lines and information on the map.)