Teacher's Scenario

New France in 1645

How did the territorial occupation affect others?

Student Mapping Scenario on an Indigenous group affected by French trading and settlement:

Your task is to identify an indigenous group affected by specific example (s) of expanding European contact and/or settlement.

Part A) Map Line for French presence:
On a blank map draw a line to represent how far French traders and settlers would have ventured by 1645. Title this area, then in the description for it explain why you drew the line where you did.

Part B-) Map Zone for an Indigenous People:
Use a solid zone to identify one specific Indigenous settlement, people, tribe or nation that you would have been affected by European contact or settlement.
Research that particular group of people, and try to find out how they first interacted with European settlers. Explain how this group of people were different or similar to other nations on the map. Explain why you chose this particular group as being affected.

Part C) Map point for French settlement:
Place a point on the map to mark the exact location of the key French settlement that would have been closest or have the most affect on that particular people. From what you know (or research) about that settlement, explain how people in that settlement interacted with the Indigenous people you identified above. If the settlement was still far away, you might need to make a logical guess on how each affected the other.

This mapping scenario is intended to be used as a later phase in a longer learning process on the territory in New France. See below or visit the Google Document version entitled New France 1645 - Territory (Settlements, Expansion and Indigenous peoples)