Teacher's Scenario

New France in 1745

How did the territorial occupation evolve and affect others?
(Considering Settlements, Expansion and Indigenous peoples)

Student Mapping Scenario on an Indigenous group affected by French trading and settlement:

Note: This mapping scenario is intended to be used as a later phase in a longer learning process on the territory in New France in 1745. See below or visit the Google Document version entitled New France 1745 - Territory (Settlements, Expansion and Indigenous peoples)

Mapping Task:
To consider changes to French settlements, expansion and how these changes affected Indigenous peoples and new territories.

Identify an indigenous group (nation, language, settlement, region,etc.) that was likely affected by the ever expanding settlements and larger and growing population of New France.

Create a new Cartograf Map

Draw a line of the extent of an Indigenous territory that interests you!
1- Draw a line that indicates the traditional territory of a group of Indigenous people you think would have been affected by the growing French settlements and occupation of new territory. You may have to research further and find other maps, because the idea of traditional territory can be large due to wear a group hunted or traveled as well as where they settled.

Describe that territory
2- In the description for your line, write a text using one or more of the four “aspects” to describe how expanding settlements in New France may have affect that indigenous society.

Identify a French settlement close by or within the Indigenous territory you chose
3 - Identify a location/settlement of the French (or possibly another country. Mark it on you map with a point and change the icon. Explain specifically how what went on in that settlement and how its population would have interacted and affected the indigenous area close by.