Roman Empire (RECITUS)

Information / Instructions
The Romanisation of the Roman Empire

Are the traces of the Roman Empire still visible today?

The Roman constructions you can see on this map help you understand how the Romans romanized their empire. Did they succeed in romanizing their empire?

Romanising: action of bringing conquered peoples to adopt Roman culture.

1- Romanization
For each marker identify its function and the reason for its construction (political, religious, social, cultural, economic or military). If you copy and use this map, you can change the points' icons to match the appropriate items in the legend at right.

2- Trace the approximate limits of the Roman Empire
If you copy and use this map, research the Roman Empire via resources below, and trace the limits of the Empire using the line too.

3- Synthesis questions
1. Did the Romans succeed in romanticizing their empire? Justify your answer with the following key words: empire, territory, culture, institutions, communication, defence, power, economy.

2. According to you, what is the most important construction the Romans built? Justify your answer.

Instructions in a Student Notebook form
- Download in .doc format :
Roman Student Booklet

Other Online Resources in English:

Video: The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire (in 7 minutes!) by EmperorTigerstar https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=osaCRlsRvk0&list=TLTmKYFHu-35Y

40 Maps that explain the Roman Empire http://www.vox.com/2014/8/19/5942585/40-maps-that-explain-the-roman-empire

TimeMaps History Atlas: The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire http://www.timemaps.com/history/ancient-rome-410ad

Roman Maps http://historylink101.com/ancient_rome/ancient_rome_maps.htm

Rome and its Empire: Founding to the Downfall of the Empire http://www.the-map-as-history.com/demos/tome12/12_03_founding_of_rome_downfall_empire.php

Vast Empires that no longer exist! http://io9.com/maps-of-vast-empires-that-no-longer-exist-700385267