Cairo: A Metropolitan Territory (Competency 1)

Information / Instructions
Cairo Metropolitan Territory
Competency 1: Build a Simple Map, Understand a Territory!
Note: There is a separate-but-related scenario on Cairo: Issues in the Metropolis available on the Cartograf homepage.

In this scenario students will understand the organization of the "Cairo Governorate" urban territory in Egypt. Tasks and focus questions are based on ideas and resources from the original RECITUS/LEARN resource collection Metropolises at http://www.learnquebec.ca/geography#docs . Concepts to consider include growth and imbalance. Questions to consider should focus on how Cairo "is a major urban centre where power and services are concentrated, and where issues abound. People in the surrounding region and even in the national territory as a whole are drawn to it." (QEP page 276). Various Intellectual Operations are suggested, as possible targets for evaluation!

Switch map views often!
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NOTE: You will often need to switch the map view back and forth, from Street to Satellite views, to better understand the proximity of the desert, the Nile River, to see the roads and highways, etc.
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Title: Copy this mapping scenario and its instructions for your own use using the Duplicate button. Re-title the map to include words like, "Cairo...... by YourName". You can edit the title and these instructions to suit your needs.

Scale: Create a clearly visible "scale".
Scalesamplered We suggest using the DRAW POLYGON (Image ) tool, so you can create slightly thicker rectangle shapes to make your scale. For reference, refer to the 1 km on this map or the changing scale on the bottom left. (Note: The teacher's version of this map has a red 20km scale as a sample.)

Read up on the Cairo territory!
  • Individually or as a class, review the Geography, Population and Economy section notes in the information InformationWikimedia70 icon.
  • Return here when needed, to research Cairo using the appropriate resources listed at very bottom of these instructions! (Browse them now to know what is there!)

Your Tasks:

Task 1: Trace visible borders and features
IO 9geo Situateonmap
Use the DRAW PATHImage tool or the DRAW POLYGON Image tool to indicate a few visible features that you know or recognize. For example, mark the limits of the urban area, park areas within it, and some water features (ex. the Nile river). You can title it and describe it, and you can also add a new legend item to match its colour.

Task 2: Categorize areas by type
IO 3 Characterizeterritory
Use the DRAW POLYGON Image tool again to categorize areas according to their type:

a) Research different types of areas in the Cairo area. Find examples of historical, financial, industrial, residential, agricultural, cultural, etc. (Use the map itself and the appropriate resource websites below!)

b) Mark, identify and explain at least three different types of areas on the map. You can name your area in its title, or add an additional legend item to match its colour if needed. (Example: Industrial area = purple!) In the area's description box, say something about it. Name it correctly if you can. Use useful concepts like population, wealth, economy, and location to explain the area.

Task 3: Mark key cultural locations
IO 9geo Situateonmap IO 2 Establishfacts

a) Research and find key cultural locations (Use the map itself and the appropriate resource websites below!)

b) Use the POINT OF INTEREST marker toolImage to mark at least two key cultural locations like the Pyramids, the Citadel of Cairo, the Spinx, the Old City and Historic Centre, etc.

c) In their description, say why these locations are important, 1) to Cairo's history and culture, but also 2) how it helps Cairo's tourist economy. (Note: A sample point on the Citadel has been located and started. If you are sharing with others, either delete it OR claim this point as yours!)

Task 4: Mark "other" key locations
IO 9geo Situateonmap IO 2 Establishfacts
By now you have probably learned a lot about Cairo's economy, its residential areas/industrial/financial areas, and so on. You certainly must have also heard of specific sites within those areas, key building, etc. Mark at least two other locations that are NOT cultural locations, and explain why these locations are important!

Task 5: Generate then compare your simple map

IO 6 Establishconnectsfacts IO 6 Explanatory Factors IO 3 Characterizeterritory and IO 4 Makecomparisons
Now that you have indicated all these features and locations on the map of Cairo, you will create, examine and discuss your simple map!

i) First, change the background to blank! Use the drop menu at bottom. Then zoom in or out to view all your mapping work around Cairo. Then take a few screen shots of your simple map and save them as image files.

iii) Explain and Interpret Cairo's territory! From here you may want to use another tool to help describe or enhance your simple map. By drawing on it or marking it with texts, you can show connections between facts, and explain factors and consequences. (Note: You can actually upload your screenshot into a point in Cartograf and edit that image using Cartograf's drawing tools!) You can now present your interpretation of Cairo's territory to others.

iv) Compare Cairo to other cities!
Insert your screen shot blank map into a Word or Google document area such as this one: (Simple map comparison tool) Choose one of the following simple maps:
Compare this map to your simple map of Cairo Compare this map to your simple map of Cairo
(Click to view it in another window. Right-click to download it, then insert it into the comparison area of the same Word document.)

Use the appropriate space to write your comparison. For example, explain the similarities and differences between Cairo and that other city, based on what you can tell from the two simple map!


General Cairo Resources:
Cairo at http://wikitravel.org/en/Cairo

Resources for Area Type and Categorization:

Cairo City large detailed tourist map:
Visitors Map from URHC project site:

Giza and Cairo Tourist Map

Cairo maps at mappery

Cairo Junior Worldmark Encyclopedia of World Cities

Urban Regeneration for Historic Cairo

Cairo :: A Quick Intro to the City (Maps indicating "Informal Settlements"
New Cairo as suburban residential area for wealthy:

GAFI site for Industrial Zone names: http://www.gafi.gov.eg/en/doingbusiness/industrialzone.aspx

Cairo Governorate list for Industrial Areas:

Informal Settlements :Ashaw’iyyats

Resources for key Cairo Locations:

Cairo - Landmarks

United Nations Historic Cairo

Sacred Destinations Cairo, Egypt

Modern egyptian landmarks

List of tallest buildings in Cairo http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_tallest_buildings_in_Cairo

A tour of Islamic Cairo, Egypt

Cairo Off The Beaten Path

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Resources for Cairo Issues
These sites are collected to support the separate-but-related scenario on __Cairo: Issues in the Metropolis. But they are left here to also help with identification of types of areas, etc.

Informal Settlements :Ashaw’iyyats
CAIRO Probs and Solutions http://www.scribd.com/doc/14772947/CAIRO-Probs-and-Solutions#scribd
Creative Solutions for Affordable Housing
Informal housing in cairo; problem or solution?
Living people in Cairo’s city of the dead
The Housing Situation for Expats in Cairo

Egypt Cairo Ring Road at
Ring Road Map at
Cairo’s DIY Highway Exit, an Urbanist Movement Grows
In the fast lane (Al-Ahram Weekly)
The big squeeze (Al-Ahram Weekly)

Cairo Metro, Egypt
CAIRO at UrbanRail
Transport in Cairo http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transport_in_Cairo
Africa’s only subway soothes Cairo’s traffic woes, slightly
Missing the bus (Al-Ahram Weekly)

Living in Cairo Is the Same as Smoking a Pack a Day
Improving Air Quality and Health for Millions of Egyptians
A black cloud over Cairo (cause = burning fields) https://earthdata.nasa.gov/featured-stories/featured-research/black-cloud-over-cairo
Pollution in Egypt: Global Consequences to Poor Environmental Practices
In Cairo the noise pollution can be a killer