Explore Nunavik: The Inuit around 1980 and 2020

Information / Instructions

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Learn more about Northern Quebec, and about the experiences of people who have lived there for thousands of years, and of those still living there now!

Read more about the Inuit around 1980 until present day, on the Societies and Territories web site.

Explore Nunavik Cartograf mapping scenario
Use the guidelines below to explore the Nunavik region!

Step 1: The Territory

Find Nunavik on the map. Use the DRAW POLYGON icon to highlight the territory blue. Title the shape you drew, "Nunavik".

Image: You can use the SELECT/MODIFY arrow to change the colour and adjust the form of your shape!

Step 2: The Population

Zoom in close and click on the icon of the person to find out when each community was founded and how its population has changed between 1981 and 2016.

CHALLENGE: In 1980, there were only 13 communities in Nunavik. The last community settlement was only established in 1986. Can you figure out which Nunavik community was the last to be established? Use the DRAW POLYGON icon to highlight the community red and label it, 1986.

Step 4: Means of Transportation

Zoom in on the map. Do you see any road between Nunavik's communities? No, this is because they do not exist!

Click on the airplane and boat icons to learn more about Nunavik Transport in the 1980s and 2020s.

A lot of items are shipped to Nunavik from Montreal by plane. Large planes deliver cargo to Kuujjuaq, the largest community in Nunavik. The cargo is then loaded onto smaller planes that deliver the goods to the smaller communities with more difficult runways.

You must draw a line between the Montreal airport and the Kuujjuaq airport. Title the line "Cargo Transport". Then, in the description, write down a list of items that you think were regularly shipped to Nunavik around 1980.

Do you think that the items shipped to Nunavik in 1980 are different from the ones shipped in 2020? Write a few sentences below your list to explain.

Step 5: The Economy
Using Google Streets, zoom in and explore one or two communities. You will see the names of different buildings in the communities. Where do you think people work?
You can also explore some of the communities by video. Click on the camera icon and get a link to a youtube video about the community in question.

Add a Point of Interest icon by each of the communities you explore. In the description box, discuss what jobs you think are available to the people living there.

Step 6: The Landscape
Did you know there are 4 National Parks in Nunavik? Click on the tent icons and explore the links contained in them. What kinds of things would you see if you traveled to each park? What kinds of activities could you do? Write your findings in each tent icon's description box.