Montreal in 1820 (English)

Information / Instructions
(Note: this scenario is an adapted from the original at RECITUS)

What would a day in the life of a politician like Louis-Joseph Papineau, a notary, a dressmaker or a nun be like in 1820!?

Your character and others are invited to the parade marking the coronation of King George IV. Your character is in town to watch the parade. You take advantage of this opportunity to organize a mini-rally to discovered the area and key sites nearby.

The characters:
Louis-Joseph Papineau, The Merchant, The Day labourer, The Farmer, The Nun, The Seamstress and The Lumberjack.
These character portraits are now on the Societies and Territories site here.

1- Choose a character and click to read more about him/her.
2- Zoom in and closely examine the point-of-interest markers (icons) on the map. Open them to read and see what's inside! Note: you can simplify the map by choosing "Blank” background below.
3- Choose 3 places which will be visited by your character before going to the parade which is held at the Champ de Mars.
4- Explain your chosen route in the description in the markers and indicate your choices by choosing better icons for them. You can also plot a route on foot with the line tool.

Please remember that the characters can not go just anywhere on the map. They are limited by their status in society. For example, the seamstress would not go to the bank.

Note that you can always return to these instructions by clicking the Description button in the Map tab at right.

This map can be used with the learning situation
Once upon a time in 1820. "