! Rebellions 1837: Place and Time, Similarities and Differences

Information / Instructions
1791-1840 # 35: The demands and struggles of nationhood: Rebellions of 1837-38

Essential Questions:
Were the Rebellions of 1837-38 about nationalism or liberalism?
Why do we fight?

Note: This map is used to demonstrate the location of various documents contained already in the document collection (curation of online documents) available at
http://tinyurl.com/jfoaaot The map could be duplicated and augmented if used for the mapping activity suggest in that collection:

Student organize available documents in terms of time and/space:

Students begin by reading through and selecting relevant facts/documents for each of the two rebellions. They follow source links to view original sites and to gather information on the context of the fact/person/event described.

Groups could use printed versions of the documents, to sequence them each into two separate timelines of sorts, one for each rebellion.

Using a mapping tool like Cartograf, students could locate key documents for facts/people/events and located them a map.

Students compare maps of the two rebellions and explain the differences between the two rebellions in terms of people, location, causes, etc.