Protected territories around the world

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Saguenay-St. Lawrence Marine Park:
A Protected Territory
The information you need to complete the tasks in this mapping scenario can be found in the included documents of the LES called Saguenay-St. Lawrence Marine Park: A Protected Territory:
Teacher's guide with answer key
A Student Workbook

Specifically these mapping tasks are described in more detail in Sequence 1: Protected territories around the world.


a) Localize the three park sites you have examined (Shark Bay, Galápagos Islands, Ha Long Bay) using the maps and materials in the appendices.
Find then zoom in to each of the locations using Cartograf. (Use a variety of map technologies using the dropdown switcher below) Place markers using the Point of Interest tool.
Title the marker accordingly, and close the marker.

b) Extract a photo from one of the apprentices pages for each park (by using a screen shot method) OR use http://search.creativecommons.org to find a new photo of the park you can legally use. Attach that photo to your marker.

c) Using another program like Word or Notes or Google Docs, compose three descriptions, in your own words, one for each protected area.
Reopen the markers for each park and edit them and paste in the finished descriptions.

Consider the following questions when you compose your descriptions:

• What characterizes this protected territory? (its attraction as a natural environment, its fauna and flora to be protected, etc.)
• Why is the site on the List of World Heritage of UNESCO ?
• What threatens the natural environment?
• Who uses the site (visitors and locals)?
• Are any protective measures taken by the local authorities?

Be careful not to just copy what you read about each territory. Instead, summarize the most important information referring to the questions proposed above.

Consult the example marker for Banff National Park to give an idea of the kind of description required.