Montreal & New York (transportation, economy)

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Task Instructions:
Depending on the task, you will either 1) use elements of this map to respond to questions and to make observations, or 2) you will use the online resources and documents provided to design and then represent essential elements using the drawing tools in Cartograf.

As you zoom in and out to different areas, change the map technology often, from Google Streets to Google Satellite view, in order to best identify the type of urban areas being presented (ex. industrial, residential, parkland)

Guiding Questions:
How does the way Montrealers get around impact on the economic development of their city?
How does Montreal compare to New York city in this regard?

Task 1 a): Identify transportation routes & economic areas of New York City

  • Use the zoom tools to zoom out and then zoom in on the area of Manhattan Island, New York city. If you don't know where New York City is, use the "Location" tool at top right to search for Manhattan.
  • Observe the line drawings that indicate some of rivers, major bridges, subway/train routes and highways that allow people to travel in and out the different New York areas. Click on the line objects for more information.
  • Observe the shapes placed to highlight areas of economic activity. Click on the shape objects for more information. Change the view to Google Satellite and zoom to view actual buildings or infrastructures.
  • If close enough to a street, use the Panorama Streetview tool to view actual views of the buildings of that area.

Task 1b) Your interpretation:
Compose a clear and informed answer to the following question:
How do you think the transportation routes you have observed (in this map or elsewhere) impact on the development of the economic areas you have observed on the map of New York?

Task 2 : Identify residential and economic areas in Montreal

Using the information provided, and various views and zooms of Montreal and its environs (Streets, satellite, etc.), identify at least one example of each of the following, by placing markers or shapes at their location on the map.

  • Port of Montreal
  • Financial areas with skyscrapers
  • Industrials areas with factories or warehouses
  • Residential area (include at least one off-island)

Task 2 b): Explain residential and economic areas in Montreal

For each location or area, add a descriptive text about that area, and include a picture you upload or get from the Panorama (Streetview) function.

Task 3 : Identify and interpret transportation routes in Montreal

Using the information provided, and various views and zooms of Montreal and its environs (Streets, satellite, etc.). Identify and interpret main transportation routes which could be used to travel to and from the above areas, by placing coloured lines on the map. For each route, write a descriptive text that states how that route can allow people in Montreal to move from one type of area to another. (Note: You may need to create new legend items and colours for your various types of transportation!)

Task 4: Compare New York and Montreal

In the arrow shape pointing to New York, add a paragraph which talks a bit about the similarities and differences you noted in your readings and mappings of both cities.



Bridges and tunnels in New York City http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bridges_and_tunnels_in_New_York_City

Highways for Commercial Traffic www.dot.ny.gov/regional-offices/region11/general-info/highways-for-commercial-traffic
Pulaski Skyway full view.jpg en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Pulaski_Skyway_full_view.jpg

Brooklyn Bridge NYC August 16, 2010.JPG en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Brooklyn_Bridge_NYC_August_16,_2010.JPG

SMART-TRAVELER Map of New York City, NY www.smart-traveler.info/map_of_new_york_city_ny_usa.html

New York City Subway Route Map by Michael Calcagno www.nycsubway.org/wiki/New_York_City_Subway_Route_Map_by_Michael_Calcagno

New York City Major Manufacturing Zones http://www.lehman.edu/deannss/geography/Indust_zones.htm
Industrial areas and waterfront hurrican info at http://nyc-eja.org/?page_id=311

Data portal search (bottom left) for NEIGHBORHOODS like http://www.nyc.gov/html/dcp/html/neigh_info/mn04_info.shtml

New York Port Authority http://people.hofstra.edu/geotrans/eng/ch4en/appl4en/ch4a2en.html


Use for maps of main bridges and highways into Montreal

Use for Metro maps

Use for info on trends: