Nationalization of Electricity (LBPSB)

Information / Instructions
Electricity is one resource of many, but maybe the most important resource of Quebec. Nationalizing that resource (making it publicly owned) was a milestone in the economic and political life of the province.

Following the video presentation(s) below, you will identify communities affected, choose another dam project, and compare its political and economic benefits. You will present your information and analysis on this map and in the form of concept map.

Task 1:
Intellectual Operation : Establish Facts
View some or all of these videos on the origins, history and issues of the James Bay. Then in your notes identify the political and economic advantages and disadvantages. (We recommend you take notes in a Google document that you can share with your teacher and other students.)

a) View and consider parts of the CBC Archives videos of
James Bay Project: Grand plans for more hydro power
Bourassa, father of James Bay hydro
and other CBC Archive clips if you have time!

b) View and consider:

See other videos at James Bay Project playlist here

Intellectual Operations: Situate in space & connect facts
-Identify on the map some communities that were affected by the construction and development of the northern hydroelectric network. (Place a marker on those communities)
-Indicate the advantages and disadvantages of that development for those communities. (Edit the marker's description. Write your ideas there!)

Task 3:
Intellectual Operations: Situate in space & connect facts
-Choose another specific dam site in the province of Quebec, and Identify it on the map
-Indicate the advantages and disadvantages related to its implementation and operation.
-Compare this dam to the one presented in the sample point already on this map.

Here are several sources of information to help you identify the advantages and disadvantages of hydroelectricity. You can also edit this description to add your own sources.

The History of Hydroelectricity in Quebec

Canadian Geographic on Hydro and "just the facts"

Hydroelectricity at Canada Encyclopedia (Note, this talks about places outside Quebec too!)

HydroQuebec's own information site

Hydroelectric Power at EcoSpark.ca

Environmental Impacts of Hydroelectric Power

The History of Hydroelectricity in Quebec

Manic-5 360 degree virtual tour

Scenario created by Sophie Lussier, conseillère pédagogique, LBPSB