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Tips and Tricks for Advanced Users

Actually there is no mystery here because all you need to do is duplicate this map and you can edit this description in order to get the codes for inserting the following items:

Insert "System Icons"
Edit this description to see and use these

Zoom tool Image
The Reset Zoom function Image
Pan/Zoom hand Image
Select/Modify arrow Image
LINES button Image
Draw Polygon button Image
Panorama mode Image
Point of Interest marker Image
Edit/Draw on image Image

Insert "Intellectual Operations" Icons
Notes: These icons are available in the Image Bank when browsing for uploaded files (in attachment tab and above when inserting images.) The simplified code format used here also sets a "max" size slightly smaller than the actual icon size of 144 pixels.

IO 1 Examinephenomenon
IO 1 Situatetimespace
IO 2 Establishfacts
IO 3 Characterizephenomenon
IO 3 Characterizeterritory
IO 4 Makecomparisons
IO 5 Continuityandchange
IO 5 Determinechanges
IO 6 Establishconnectsfacts
IO 6 Explanatory Factors
IO 7 Establishcausalconnects
IO 8 Characterize Evol Society
IO 9geo Situateonmap

Note: There are now French versions of these ones above
and also more colourful ones for primary students!
OI Caracteriserterritoire Primaire OI Determinerchangements Primaire OI Etablirlienscausalite Primaire
To insert these and others, use the "Choose or Upload Images" button in the editor, then browse inside the Image Bank to find them.

Image Bank?!
Sorry, at the time of writing this there are no photographs or other content images in our Image Bank (like there are in the RECITUS installation of Cartograf).

Two good places to find images online are:

Header size 1

Header size 2

Header size 3

Header size 4

Header size 5

When you insert videos into, use the Advanced Options to enable full screen and to disable the related videos!

This feature should restrict so-called related videos to the same channel.