Learning Scenario

The Emergence of a Civilization



Review your knowledge of the the Neolithic period and the Agricultural revolution, which allowed people to live in one place. (Scan parts of the mapping scenario entitled Sedentarization - Agriculture, First Settlements & Trade or review the activity called What characterizes a sedentary society?)

32 Information Yellow.svg
Use the information icons to learn about the civilizations that emerged in the Mesopotamian area.

Chronometer Yellow
View the timeline icon to situate this civilization, some of the city states, and other civilizations you might know about in time. Think about how long a civilization takes to develop!

Read about the different city states that grew initially on their own, or then were conquered or controlled later as part of different empires.

Mapping scenario idea 1 - Summarize your most important event/fact.

Use a list of the top most important things in Mesopotamia, and divide them up amongst the class. (i.e you choose a civilization or your teacher assigns you one!)

For your most important thing, research further, finding at least three other sources for more information, or to learn about a fact you found particularly interesting.

Create a new map of this area, entitling that map something like "Mesopotamia Important Point - My Name", then place one point on the map in which you write a summary of why you feel that fact is important for the region and historically in general. Place that summary on the map and at an exact location you feel is appropriate, with an icon you feel is appropriate as well. In your summary somewhere, also explain why you put it there.

Here’s an example of a good list to use or as a starter:
Top 15 Most Important Events in Ancient Mesopotamia! In case that site goes down here is a print version of those 15 facts/events.

Scenario idea 2 - Compare civilizations!

Thanks to archaeology, we can agree on the existence of eight civilisation centres that developed independently of each other:
  • The Sumerian civilisation in Mesopotamia, born around 3500 BC.
  • The Egyptian civilisation, born around the same time.
  • The Sabean civilisation straddling present-day Yemen and Ethiopia, which had its roots around 2500 BC.
  • The Indus civilisation in present-day Pakistan, which took off around 2300 BC.
  • The Chinese civilisation in the Yellow River valley (northern China today), which begins to emerge around 2200 BC.
  • The Indian civilisation in the Ganges plain at the foot of the Himalayas, which gradually took shape from 1700 BC to 500 BC.
  • The Olmec civilisation in the south of present-day Mexico, which seems to have emerged around 1200 BC.
  • The Caral civilisation on the Peruvian Pacific coast, which may have emerged as early as 3000 BC.

Task: After reviewing the information available on the Mesopotamian civilization(s), choose one of the other civilizations and create similar points for that civilization, that is
  • A point for general information
  • A line to outline the territory
  • A point to insert a timeline you create or find
  • And finally at least one point for a major city or settlement in that area, using an appropriate icon.

Source: Civilization - M. Univers social